3 Packs Cat Catnip Balls, Wall Mount Edible Catnip Toys

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Make Cats Happy Catnip releases a substance called nepetalactone, which cats absorb by smelling or licking. When nepetalactone enters a cat's...

Color: Catnip Ball x 3

Catnip Ball x 3
Catnip2 Ball x 3
Blue Crab x 3
Pink Crab x 3
Green Crab x 3
Pink Snail x 3
Green Avocado x 3
Catnip Ball x 4
Hot - Catnip Ball x 4
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More Like This+
Catnip Ball x 3: Stays fresh for 180 days. It's at its best when the catnip surface is wet.
Catnip2 Ball x 3: Stays fresh for 180 days. It's at its best when the catnip surface is wet.
Blue Crab x 3: Stays fresh for 180 days. It's at its best when the catnip surface is wet.
Pink Crab x 3: Stays fresh for 180 days. It's at its best when the catnip surface is wet.
Green Crab x 3: Stays fresh for 180 days. It's at its best when the catnip surface is wet.
Pink Snail x 3: Stays fresh for 180 days. It's at its best when the catnip surface is wet.
Green Avocado x 3: Stays fresh for 180 days. It's at its best when the catnip surface is wet.
Catnip Ball x 4: Stays fresh for 180 days. It's at its best when the catnip surface is wet.
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  • 3 Packs Cat Catnip Balls, Wall Mount Edible Catnip Toys
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Product details

Catnip Squash Edible Cat Toys Cat Lick Ball Teeth Cleaning Catnip Toys for Cats and Kittens

Make Cats Happy

Catnip releases a substance called nepetalactone, which cats absorb by smelling or licking. When nepetalactone enters a cat's nasal passages, it interacts with the olfactory epithelium (located at the top of the nose, behind the nose) and olfactory neurons in specialized tissues of the

Olfactory neurons send signals through the olfactory tract to the olfactory bulb (located at the front of the brain and responsible for processing smells), which then sends signals to several areas of the brain, including the amygdala (responsible for emotions) and the hypothalamus (responsible for behavioral responses).

Therefore, when cats are unhappy, catnip can ease their mood, BOXTOHEART catnip ball toy is the best solution, by sticking to the wall, it is convenient for cats to sniff and lick.

Practical and Thoughtful Design

The base of the cat licking ball has a closed design, which can retain the fragrance well; the transparent cover can avoid dust and odor, these cat squash balls are double-sided stickers on the bottom, you can stick them anywhere, such as on tables, floors, walls, etc.; Tip: Make sure the surface is flat and clean before sticking.

Tasty Cat Treats

These cat catnip toys are mainly made of high-quality plastic boxes and catnip, safe and reliable, very attractive to cats, keep them happy and quiet all day, they can give you a wonderful experience of using.


These catnip rollers are versatile enough to keep your cat in a good mood, plant fiber catnip stimulates your cat's appetite and aids their digestion, and at the same time, as they bite into the catnip ball, your cat's teeth are gentle and effective to clean and keep oral health, please control the feeding time of cats, do not let them eat too much at one time, kittens under 3 months may not be interested, you can buy according to your own situation.


You will get 3 catnip toy balls, there are 3 different types, cute and pretty, they can be put in the groove of the toy, or they can be taken out separately to apply, the quantity is enough for you to choose.

Cute Appearance

Lively and fun, it can attract cats well and increase their interest in toys, different colored shells make it easier to tell which cat is using which catnip toy, with no confusion.

catnip ball toys for cats crazy

Cat's Reaction

When cats encounter BOXTOHEART catnip balls, there are usually four reactions:

  • Sniffing
  • Licking, or biting catnip, and shaking his head
  • Rub the chin and cheeks
  • Rubbing the body or head

Other responses may include stretching, drooling, jumping, aggression, and hyperactivity.

how we make the catnip balls

How We Made The Catnip Balls?

Pick fresh catnip, soak the picked fresh mint leaves in water and wash. Then let it dry naturally in the sun, and finally, make the dried catnip into balls and place them in the fresh-keeping layer of the refrigerator.

  • Shelf Life: 180 days.

how catnip wall balls work

Does The Catnip Balls Work On Your Cats?

Not all cats like catnip balls:

  • Cats under 6 months do not respond to catnip.
  • Kittens under 8 weeks show aversion to catnip.
  • The study found that 31% of cats were immune to the effects of catnip.

This is because the cat's response to catnip is an autosomal dominant gene, which means the gene needs to be inherited from one parent.

Catnip Balls vs Catnip Powder

Catnip has a sedative effect on many felines. Catnip acts like a stimulant.

  • BOXTOHEART catnip balls can be stuck on the wall, mainly for the convenience of cats. When cats are in a bad mood, the catnip ball toys can effectively resolve this problem.
  • For catnip powder, you can sprinkle it on scratching boards, new toys, and new cat litters to familiarize cats with new things and promote habit formation.


  • You can crush catnip balls and boil them with water to make cats fall in love with drinking water, which is very helpful for cats with cystitis.
  • Although catnip has an obvious effect on cats, its effect is very short-lived, so don't use it frequently. If you use it too much, cats will be insensitive to this smell and lose interest.

the different between cat catnip wall balls and catnip

BOXTOHEART Catnip Balls, Squash Edible Catnip Ball Toys, Cat Wall Ball, Cat Lick Cat nips Ball

Product Name Catnip Squash Edible Cat Toys Cat Lick Ball Teeth Cleaning Catnip Toys for Cats and Kittens
Product Description - Catnip-infused toys designed for cats and kittens to promote happiness.
- Catnip releases nepetalactone, which interacts with cat's olfactory system.
- Nepetalactone stimulates olfactory neurons, triggering brain responses.
- BOXTOHEART catnip ball toy helps ease mood by offering convenient sniffing and licking.
Design Features - Closed base retains fragrance; transparent cover prevents dust and odor.
- Double-sided stickers allow versatile placement on flat surfaces.
- Made from high-quality plastic and catnip for safe and attractive play.
Benefits - Encourages playfulness and relaxation in cats.
- Catnip aids digestion and helps clean teeth.
- Contains 3 catnip toy balls with distinct types for variety.
Cat's Reactions to Catnip Balls - Sniffing, licking, biting, head-shaking, chin rubbing, body rubbing, etc.
- Reactions may include stretching, drooling, aggression, and hyperactivity.
Making Catnip Balls - Fresh catnip leaves are picked, washed, dried, and formed into balls.
- Balls are stored in the refrigerator to maintain freshness.
- Shelf Life: 180 days.
Catnip Balls' Effects on Cats - Not all cats respond to catnip balls.
- Cats under 6 months and kittens under 8 weeks may not respond.
- About 31% of cats are immune to catnip effects.
- Catnip response is determined by an autosomal dominant gene.
Catnip Balls vs. Catnip Powder - Catnip balls have a convenient stick-on design for mood enhancement.
- Catnip powder can be used to familiarize cats with new items and habits.
- Catnip powder can be boiled with water to encourage drinking.
- Overusing catnip can lead to reduced sensitivity and interest.
Product Details - Each package includes BOXTOHEART Catnip Balls for wall placement and licking.
- Promotes oral health, playfulness, and positive behavior in cats.
Material Plastic + ABS
Weight 90g per item
Color blue/pink/green
What's In The Box 3 packs or 4 packs of catnip ball toys in a package (based on the variant options)



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