Treat Dispensing Puzzle Toys, Slow Feeder, Pets Intellectual Training Toy

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Q: What does "Upgraded" mean? A: Upgrades mean new optimizations. Compared to the previous robot model, it has a heavier weight...

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  • Treat Dispensing Puzzle Toys, Slow Feeder, Pets Intellectual Training Toy
    $28.99 $18.95
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Product details

Q: What does "Upgraded" mean?

A: Upgrades mean new optimizations. Compared to the previous robot model, it has a heavier weight (415g) and a stronger shell, making it more suitable for larger dogs. If your dog is a large dog like a Labrador, the newly upgraded product will be more suitable.

Q: What if the dog doesn't like to play with the toy?

A: Every dog is unique. Dogs have different personalities and hobbies, just like humans. Some dogs are extroverts and it only takes a second to fall in love with this toy. Some dogs are introverted and need proper guidance from their owners. If your dog is introverted, you can shake the toy or push it in front of your dog to evoke his interest by allowing the treats to leak out of the toy. You can also reward your dog with treats when he tries to touch the toy. Dogs will gradually love this toy.

Q: How to choose between Robot and Bear style?

A: The two target dog types are different. The robot style is more suitable for small dogs, similar to teddy dogs; The bear style has a heavier weight and a stronger shell so that it will not be damaged easily by large dogs. Therefore, the bear style is more suitable for large dogs, similar to husky dogs.

Why do you need it?

Swiss scientists reported in the “Proceedings of the Royal Society B” that all animals that have been tamed and lived with humans for a long time have had their brains shrink dramatically compared to their ancestors or their wild counterparts. Raised by humans, domestic animals who will not worry about food and drink will "become stupid". Scientists believe that animals and pets no longer need to dodge predators, defend territory, or forage for food, so they don't need to use their brains to survive and be independent.

Improve the dogs' intelligence by making it more difficult to get food. On top of the toy is a transparent storage bin. When you open the cover, you can add kibbles or treats to the toy. As long as the pet pushes the toy to wobble back and forth, treats will leak out, which makes the toy more interesting. You can also reward the dog with food by playing with the toy to boost his brain development and improve his intelligence.

This wobbling doggy food dispenser car is a moderate difficulty of level-1, suitable for the dog that has just developed intelligence to use. The process of using the toy to give the dog reasonable intelligence training, which can improve his IQ more effectively. You can also adjust the difficulty of obtaining food by adding different sizes of treats, kibbles, and jerky to the toy, which depends on the actual condition of your dog.

Why do we design it?

Every owner wants to have a smart dog, but smartness is not born, it is the result of daily training accumulation. Do you have a lot of time and scientific methods to train your dog? Jackie, our designer, has a one-year-old West Highland White terrier. Jackie wanted her to be a very smart dog, and he named her Clever. Jackie has bought puzzle toys for Clever, but they either don't appeal to her or are quickly chewed and broken by her. Jackie, however, is not a professional dog trainer and does not have the experience or time to train Clever. Jackie decided to use his expertise to design a toy that would allow dogs to amuse themselves and enhance their intelligence. Therefore, with the efforts of Jackie's design team, they got the test product three months later and passed another two months. It has been tested many times on small and medium-sized dogs of different ages and breeds. When they found problems during the test, Jackie made modifications. 20 days later, the toy finally came out, combining feeding, amusement, and education play. This product uses a lovely robot shape, very beautiful; it’s swinging and sliding with no power, and it can dispense kibbles and educate dogs. Small and medium-sized dogs will quickly fall in love with this toy. If you have a cute little puppy, you shouldn’t miss it.

Pet educational toy:

The appearance is designed as an intelligent robot, a multi-functional educational toy, which integrates a toy car, a tumbler, and an interesting pet feeder. By playing with toys, pets can obtain food rewards, thereby promoting brain development and improving intelligence.

Anti-overturning design:

This toy adopts a self-balancing system, no need for an electric drive, the pet can move back and forth with a slight push; it will not be overturned, but the swing greatly increases the fun of playing.

Improve your pet's eating habits:

It’s hard for dogs to resist food, and if left unchecked, their nature will drive them to eat very quickly. But overeating, or eating too fast, will have a negative impact on their gastrointestinal health. As “The Whole Dog Journal” points out, overeating or eating too fast can lead to gastrointestinal upset, food bloating, or in the worst cases, stomach distortion (GDV), which can be fatal to dogs.

Because the dog has to play with the toy every time to get the food, this toy can greatly slow down the dog's eating speed. Slow eating can reduce gas swallowing and reduce the risk of food reflux. (Ingested food returns to the mouth from the esophagus or stomach).

You can use this toy as a tool to train your dog's slow eating habits, so that the dog can eat in a more scientific and healthy way, which will definitely make him stronger and healthier.

Sturdy and not easy to damage:

This toy is made of food-grade ABS and PC. Strong, wear-resistant, and durable, it is suitable for small and medium dogs and cats of all sizes.

Easy to fill pet food:

Flip the transparent lid up with your thumb, add the right amount of dry pet food or treats directly into the toy compartment, then flip down to close the compartment. After that, you can let your pet play with the toys.



  • Length: 4.96 ins
  • Width: 3.19 ins
  • Height: 4.41 ins
  • Weight: 0.58 lbs
  • The hole's size: 0.47 inch

What's in the box:

  • Treat Dispensing Puzzle Toys x 1



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